Five ways to improve workforce management in the construction industry

The global construction market is worth trillions of dollars and continues to expand annually. Because it serves as the basis for virtually every other industry’s operation, the sector is essential to the expansion and development of the economy.

However, the industry is plagued by difficulties and inefficiencies, such as resource waste and inadequate workforce management strategies for construction.

So, let’s look at these five suggestions for improving workforce management in the construction industry to see how we can eliminate those inefficiencies.

1. Make use of the appropriate channels for communication

Don’t underestimate the significance of collaboration and communication in workforce management in the construction industry. Your workforce’s efficiency is significantly impacted by how well you communicate with the various parties on each project.

2. Decrease administration time

Don’t overlook all of the administrative work that impacts your construction workforce management. The paperwork requires a significant amount of administrative time to enter into your back office system—assuming it reaches that point—from customer invoices and signoffs to fuel expenses and site risk forms.

3. Safety is a priority.

Every job has some risks, but construction workers are more at risk than many other workers. Over 20% of the over 3,400 fatal work injuries in the EU in 2019 were in the construction sector. Additionally, nearly 60% of non-fatal accidents occur on construction sites.

4. Optimize your scheduling procedures

We are all aware that scheduling has an effect on productivity; however, are you aware of how much of an impact your scheduling procedures actually have on workforce management in the construction industry? Poor schedule management is cited by more than half of general contractors and construction managers as the leading cause of lower labor productivity.

5. Implement lean practices

Did you know that scheduling and safety optimization are two of the most significant advantages of poor construction? Implementing lean construction practices is one of the most effective ways to improve overall workforce management in the construction industry.

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