Porcelain is a broad category of materials, including porcelain tiles and pavers. Products made from a combination of the purest natural materials, such as quartz, feldspar, kaolin, and sand, are referred to by this term. Porcelain, like porcelain, is made without using glue, cement, or resin.

Tiles and pavers made of porcelain can be used to cover floors and walls and come in various sizes.

The porcelain market is seeing a wide range of sizes thanks to modern technology. This includes mosaics with surfaces measuring approximately 1 square foot to tiles with sides larger than 10 feet. Tiles range in thickness from about 1/8 inches for some small tiles that cover walls, up to 4 in.in the case of porcelain pavers that can be used for projects outside.

Porcelain pavers and tiles are made by combining a variety of different raw materials to create products with predetermined properties. Consider any color, chromatic texture, design, or décor: You can obtain it through porcelain technology.

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