Marble has emerged as a famous ledge surface in recent years because of its exquisite veining and obvious magnificence. Calcutta Marble and Carrara Marble, both from Italy, are the most well-known varieties of marble. Marble is a popular choice for homeowners because it comes in a wide range of vibrant colors and distinctive patterns. Marble ledges are solid and durable, but tragically not indestructible. Installed correctly and sealed marble can last for years with normal use and care. Like many other natural stone surfaces, Marble is susceptible to etching when exposed to acids or abrasives. Don’t worry if your marble has been “etched” or damaged; the following information covers all of your options.

Marble requires moderate to high upkeep to maintain its original appearance. Marble countertops will require more frequent resealing because they are more porous than their main rival, granite. Damaged marble can be repaired. However, the method of repair you should use will depend on how etched or damaged the surface is. It is essential to keep in mind that scratch removal and etch removal from marble are two distinct processes.

Avoid using cleaners with acidic ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice to prevent damage. Use mild dish soap or cleansers designed specifically for stones. When preparing food, utilize a cutting board to avoid leaving marks or scratches on the surface, which will make it easier for stains to penetrate. Choose a cleaner with a neutral pH as a general rule. Wipe up any spills or splatters on your countertops, especially those from acidic fruits and juices, tomato-based foods, soda, coffee, and wine.

You might want to think about specific marble colors and finishes if you have any concerns about marble etching. The most common types of etching are dark hues and polished marble surface finishes.

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