Electrical & Sanitary

The supply of water and electricity is essential to the regular operation of a building. Installation and upkeep of systems that guarantee a consistent and effective supply necessitate deep expertise, extensive domain-specific knowledge, and advanced skills. We offer all-inclusive electrical services, including installing, maintaining, and improving all kinds of electrical setups.

Our skilled team of industry leaders is capable of meeting all of your building electrical services needs, including the construction and installation of wiring and electrical distribution systems, switchgear, motor control centers, distribution boards, energy monitoring systems, PV solar systems, fault detection systems, BMS and CMS systems, and faultless lighting control systems and uninterruptible power systems (UPS).

Sanitation engineering is the plumbing service that ensures a constant supply of clean, safe, and efficient waste disposal. Our experienced and skilled plumbers are adept at creating robust plumbing cycles that ensure flawless water distribution throughout a building. Pipes maintain a climate that is solid, clean, and sterile without us.

Searching for high-quality construction materials?

Sometimes finding the right and premium materials for construction can be a hectic job. El-Noor Group is here to provide you with high-quality and reliable materials in the best possible prices.