A door is a panel covering a building opening. Doors can also serve secondary purposes, such as protecting one’s privacy by preventing unwanted attention from outsiders, separating areas with different purposes, allowing light into and out of space, and controlling ventilation or air drafts so that interiors can be heated or cooled more efficiently, dampening noise, and preventing the fire from spreading.

Parts of a door:

FRAME: It is an enclosure made up of horizontal and vertical components that hold the shutters in place.

SLIDERS: These are the parts of a window or door that can be opened.

HEAD: The top or highest part of a frame is this.

SILL: A door frame’s lowest or bottom horizontal section is this.

HORN: The head and sill of the frame have horizontal projections like these to make it easier to attach the frame to the wall opening. Horns are usually kept between 10 and 15 centimeters long.

STYLE: Style is the vertical outside part of a door or window shutter.

TOP RAIL: A shutter’s topmost horizontal component is this.

LOCK RAIL: This is the middle horizontal component of a door shutter that houses the locking mechanism.

BOTTOM RAIL: A shutter’s lowest horizontal component is this one.

CROSS RAIL: These are additional horizontal rails that are anchored between the shutter’s top and bottom rails. A FRIEZE RAIL is a fixed rail that is located between the lock rail and the top rail.

PANEL: This is the shutter’s enclosed area between the rails that are next to it.

Mullion: This is a vertical part of a frame that divides a window or door in half vertically.

HOLD-FAST: These sections of mild steel hold the frame to the opening and are typically bent into a Z shape.

JAMB: This is the vertical wall face of an opening that holds the frame up.

REVEAL: It is the exterior jamb of a window or door that runs parallel to the face of the wall.

REBATE: It refers to the recess or depression carved into the door frame to accommodate the shutter.

Transoms: This is a horizontal part of a frame that divides a window opening in half horizontally.

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